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A Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfast Spa Retreat
Sometimes, an unexpected encounter can completely change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. For many of our guests, Rainbow Hearth has become such an encounter. Situated on ancient Native American ceremonial grounds, Rainbow Hearth is much more than your ordinary Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfast.

Located on the shore of vast Lake Buchanan, it is a special place ... to reconnect with nature or with a loved one, and most of all, with yourself…to melt away all the stresses of hectic, modern lifestyles…to rediscover the “inner child” who longs to come out and play.

Here you will find the Texas Vacations Resorts finest in Hill Country accommodations. Some of the most delicious natural and organic foods you may have ever experienced. Massage therapy by a true healer. And best of all, you may find yourself, in a new and inspiring way.

Whether you are looking for a nurturing oasis to be at one with yourself, your loved ones and nature or you want an active Best Texas Vacation Spots getaway to play in the water or hike beautiful Texas Hill Country trails, Rainbow Hearth is among the best Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfasts. Because here, it’s more about being than doing.

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